Httpsrv VCR

Library for recording http requests into yaml format that can be further understood by httpsrv as a server fixture


Package can be obtained from PyPi

pip install httpsrvvcr


Basic usage looks like following:

python -m httpsrvvcr.recorder 8080 > tape.yaml

It is possible to skip headers recording with --no-headers flag:

python -m httpsrvvcr.recorder 8080 --no-headers > tape.yaml

Once can also exclude some request methods from output completely:

python -m httpsrvvcr.recorder 8080 --skip-methods OPTIONS TRACE > tape.yaml

After vcr tape is recorded one can use httpsrvvcr.player module:

import unittest

from httpsrv import Server
from httpsrvvcr.player import Player

server = Server(8080).start()
player = Player(server)

class MyTestCase(unittest.TestCase):
    def setUp(self):

    def test_should_do_something(self):